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Wander project what my grandfather saw

My grandfather used to walk all over, perhaps better said around Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. Later, when he was in Racine, he still walked but didn’t take as many pictures then as he did in the Dells. These pictures today are from some of his walks. Although, I know, his all-time favorite walk consisted of sticks and 18 holes. My grandfather loved to play golf. Both of my grandfathers loved to play golf. I wonder if that was living in Wisconsin thing. I don’t know. Anyway, my grandfather loved to walk; he passed that love of walking to my father. I wonder if, as a teenager, my father rebelled against walking with my grandfather? I know I rebelled against walking with my father as a teenager!

I realized much later the joy of walking. I suspect the Twins, who are kind of anti-walking right now, will grow out of that as well. You never know. Some of the walks my grandfather took, back when they lived in the Dells are no longer possible. The City that was 500 people when I was a little kid and they lived there is now a town of around 2700 or so people. It is funny that my father was born and raised in the small town of Wisconsin Dells (500 people). When my mother was young, she moved to a small town (Cambridge Wisconson) population 500 or so people. I wonder if that small town Wisconsin Heritage allowed them to connect on a level.

My wife grew up in Bloomington, Indiana. I moved there when I was young. The exact opportunity of my parents (Dad born and raised in a small town. Mom moving there as a youngster). My mother was a little older than I was when I was moving to a small town. Bloomington Indiana is also a larger town than either Cambridge Wisconson or Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin (Both my mother and I moved from Chicago area to the small town). I know, when my wife and I have a chance to go back to Bloomington, we have a list of places to go. Things to see (starting with my mom!), I sometimes wonder if that commonality helps you as you move along the life you choose to lead.


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  1. What interesting views you have in these photos. I like walking but enjoy walking with others more. I walk and talk and by the time I get home, it doesn’t feel like walking far because I have enjoyed the conversation.

  2. I love walking too and have walked in many countries. I think your father did a good job by taking all these pictures. By the way, I don’t mind walking from small town to big town and vice versa. Being a marketing professional I go to places and enjoy the beauty of the places visited.

  3. But I moved from a big city (for our conditions) to Ljubljana on you and I have not got used to it yet, but I’ve been living here for 5 years … it’s nice to be just a city man and I can not get used to it


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