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Wander project what my father saw (it was the Wisconsin river!)

I realized this morning that I shared duplicate pictures the last two days, my apologies for that. There are a lot of pictures in the Wisconsin River folder. The folder doesn’t hold the river, just the pictures.  These include a couple of pictures today of the trails. The Wisconsin Dells experience is two-fold. Well, it’s fourfold. The first part is getting on the tour boats, that make stops at the various natural wonders such as the last few pictures — Rock, carved over millions of years by tributaries of the Wisconsin River. The wooden paths take you back to where the water started, heading downhill always to meet the river. It takes water millions of years to move the rock. Dissolving the limestone and carrying that to eventually the sea.

The other part of the experience is Paul Bunyan’s restaurant. Paul Bunyan and his pet ox Babe, are a legend in the Wisconsin/Minnesota area. Paul was logger that stood taller than the rest of us. Now Paul Bunyan is in my eyes more remembered as the name given to an all you can eat breakfast restaurant. I took the twins; I suspect the restaurant regretted seating them. Pancakes, sausage, coffee, and donuts made fresh that day and used to fill the growing Twins. You can’t take a doggy bag from Paul Bunyan’s (all the food has to leave, under your belt!) There is a Paul Bunyan’s’ in the Dells. They are all over the state of Wisconsin, but I had never been to the one in the Dells.

Last on the Dells experience is the various amusement parks. I remember going to Fort Dells, which was an amusement park when I was maybe five years old. That was back in the time when Amusement parks were just starting. Disneyland was putting the finishing touches on what would become a family experience never to forget.  In 2011 when we returned, the amusement park was massive. We spent a day at the new Amusement park and another couple of hours playing miniature golf at another location. The Amusement park is famous for the wooden roller coaster (Hades is the name). We rode that wooden coaster quite a few times. They also had a cool go-kart track as well that we enjoyed.


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  1. “Paul Bunyan is in my eyes more remembered as the name given to an all you can eat breakfast restaurant” – – – this made me laugh. I have the same attitude of remembering experiences, good and bad, in connection with food ????


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