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Wander project what my father saw

Happy July 4th, if you celebrate American Independence. If you don’t, Happy Thursday! No, as a resident of Washington DC, I am not going anywhere near the parade. It is a 3 hour plus drive, and finding a parking space is insane.

Today my dad’s bird, ultimately squirrel feeders. I remember, my grandfather had bird feeders at the lake house.  One of my jobs, when I visited, was making sure the squirrels stayed away. I have to say overall; it was one of the most amazing things. Two of my grandfather’s birdhouses couldn’t be entered without literally flying in. So the squirrels jumped. Only one of the feeders could they easily jump. The other two feeders required considerable effort.  I wonder how many squirrels were injured in the process of getting the bird seed.

My dad had feeders all around his yard. I remember, spending a day taking pictures in the winter of the many birds that called his back yard home. The state of Indiana gave him a wildlife designation for the back yard. He didn’t use pesticides, nor did he do much other than mulch and mow. Bamboo was planted in the very center of the backyard, by five years later, the entire center of the backyard was bamboo. The dogs loved it; they had a place to run through and play. I remember watching the dogs run around in the back yard. Now, at mom’s house, they have a huge back yard and no Bamboo. But, back in the day, it was a bamboo jungle.

The other part of the pictures today is the snow. After 10 out of 12 days of 90 degrees, it is nice to see snow. Snow doesn’t often offer reflections. Ice does, water does, but snow not often. It, the snow, shows off the shadows around us and of us. Snow is a brilliant white view of the pristine untouched world. But, now, snow is a distant memory.

We went for a triple-digit walk yesterday (not air temperature, feels like temperature) I soaked through my shirt with sweat.

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  1. We rarely had snow. But my Dad loved the birds in his last years. We talked about them a lot. Compared the ones he had to the ones I had. Miss those talks.

    I will not go near Nashville today, crowds started days ago. I will watch part of the show on tv.

  2. Nice … it stirred some memories like sword fights with icicles. I read, in the last few weeks, that because the British are big bird feeders that their bird populations are up while many regions are reporting populations down. Cheers and have a great holiday.

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