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Wander project what my father saw…

They call them the dog days of summer. Our dogs don’t like them. Why are they the dog days? Because dogs move slower during the dog days of summer. Not in the air-conditioned house, but outside the do.  Funny thing is the Dog Days of summer are normally in August. By then, the labs are walking slow. We go from a winter average of around 16 minutes per mile to a summer average of 22 minutes per mile. I guess things slow down everywhere when it gets really hot. We also carry water with us for Labs. That way we can take a break in one of the areas of shade along the way and give them some water. It helps them cool down a little.

A brand new game, where is the world is a dad? Now my dad never wore the crazy hat or shirt that Waldo wore when people lost him. Some of the pictures today, my last blast this week of what my dad saw appear to be from South America. I cannot tell you exactly where in South America, just that the look and feel of some of the pictures remind me of places I’ve been in various South American countries. My new game doesn’t have any rules, and of course, my dad is never in the picture. He was taking the pictures. I know, because I do it myself sometimes, you can hide behind the camera. You don’t have to be part of the activities if you are taking pictures.

You can observe. My daughter and my wife have both informed me that I will not be allowed to take pictures during the wedding. I understand that. I get to be the MC, so I am working on a  solid 4 hours of dad jokes. Not to be outdone by my 4-hour toast. I harassed my father about the speech he gave at my wedding to my wife. We were outside, my wife’s father spoke (we are glad to welcome our new family member) and was done. My dad only talked to 10 or so minutes. But the difference was obvious. The phone company facilities assigner (my father-in-law) spoke briefly and to the point. The college professor spoke, longer but also to the point. I am working on that speech now!


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