Wander project what my father saw (23)

I just realized that I posted day 21 twice. I did that a couple of times in the 365-day photo challenge as well. However, in my defense, I inherited an inability to count from my father. Not knowing the numbers after 27 -is on dad. He was 27 every birthday of my memory. “How old are you this year dad” “27.” We would all add again to the statement after awhile. So my counting issues are genetic. The pictures today are from dad’s trip to California. Dad visited his oldest sister in California. The last time was due to an unfortunate reality. Families have things they don’t talk about often. It is part of the family history. But sometimes you have let some stories flow away. They don’t have to be recalled.

These pictures are early in dad’s photography learning process as mentioned before his oldest sister taught dad and my grandfather. Dad went off into nature photography fairly early on. Later with the appearance of his children, he took more pictures of people. Early on it was fewer people and more nature in the photos taken. Funny as we (my sisters and I) got older dad wandered back to more natural pictures. One of the things in the pictures is the Redwoods of California. The Sequoia National Forest is home to the massive Redwood trees. Some of them larger than any other trees on earth. Over the years the park has built a road that goes under General Sherman (one of the largest trees).

The images are captured forever, but the moments and the film have decayed a little. Some of the old slides are very hard to make out. Some of them are dad learning how to use the camera. Somewhat blurry, which knowing my father is why those were never shared. Dad was a perfectionist in his approach to taking pictures.

These pictures today from California 2, the 2nd of 3 folders with pictures from California. The pool in one of the pictures is probably a swim meet for one of my cousins. There were the two cousins at the time of these pictures. A third cousin would arrive later when my aunt remarried after the death of her first husband.


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