Wander project what my father saw

First of all to all the people that have sent me suggestions on how to better present the pictures my father took thank you. Emotionally at this point, I cannot edit the pictures. That includes making a copy of the pictures and editing the copy. I am sorry at this point for the upside down pictures. The majority of today’s trip down the Wisconsin River is upside down. The scanning process was done when the twins were still in high school, every morning I would wake them up before leaving for work (I have to leave early), and they would wander downstairs for breakfast. While they were getting ready, they would scan some of the pictures and slides. It was often, during the winter months, dark when they were scanning.

So many were scanned upside down.

Now for me, the problem is emotional, not technical. I could; I should need to flip some of the pictures. I can’t bring myself to separate the last piece of my father from the shared images. I know that is a goofy reason at best. But I can’t get past and let go. I am sure at some point I will be able to do so. But for now, we view the miracle of water, upside down. Yes, the pictures today are of the Wisconsin River. When we wander the images, my grandfather took, we will find many more pictures of the river. But my dad loved the river as well.

My memories are tied both with the scanners, and the photographer. I find it hard right now to separate that reality. I will. I know that eventually I will right the shaken ship that is upside now. But the river that flows in these pictures hasn’t been in 50 years. The water of the river shared with the universe. Providing transportation as it joined the Mississippi. Water that evaporated and became rain. Not, falling back into the Wisconsin River. More likely falling into Lake Michigan or turning into snow and falling on Buffalo New York. I promise I will fix the pictures someday. Someday remains, however, just out of reach today.


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