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Today is my last day of what my father saw, for a while. Not, mind you that I am anywhere near the end of dad’s pictures far from that. Just that I am as I often do, moving to a new topic. With March arriving and spring potentially near, it is nearly boating season. It is also the let’s get some of our projects done time around the house. Currently, it is indoor projects. But soon it will again be outdoor projects.  I do indoor projects in the winter time. My dad was a year-round outdoor project person. I remember as a kid, dad being outside working on the yard. He always had a project or two in the works. We could find dad at any time by simply following the trail of peanut shells.

Dad loved plants. He would fill his coat pockets in the winter and shell the peanuts as he walked around. The shells eventually would return nutrition to the soil, so it wasn’t littering. I have to admit that I love plants as well. I guess in fairness so do the twins. It passes from father to children I guess. The peanut shell trail was something I remembered from my early adult years. I would come out to mom and dads for Sunday dinner. Mom would be sewing in what was once my sister’s bedroom but was now the master bedroom of the house and a sewing room. Dad used to have his office on the top floor of the house, but later his office was moved to what had been the master bedroom.

We moved from a house in Sherwood Oaks that had two full bathrooms. But one of the bathrooms was in the basement. There was a line every single time for using the bathroom. We moved to a bigger house in Sycamore Knolls, but it only had 2.5 bathrooms. Mom and dad had their bathroom, and my sisters and I shared a bathroom as you can imagine over the years that caused some sibling fights. My sister and I required different amounts of time in the bathroom.  Oh, and mom and dad’s bathroom was off limits. Funny, my wife and my first house in Cincinnati Ohio had 1.5 bathrooms. It was never easy to get out of the house, if you were last in line for the bathroom.


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  1. I was half expecting that maybe your dad planted peanuts as well. My brother and I did once when we were kids. Altho I am not much of a gardener. And while looking at your dad’s pictures I was humming ?upside world we’re all living in an upside world? ???


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