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Wander project what dad saw…

The end of the unknown folder takes us on a journey of flowers. Dad loved flowers, although as a gardener he never planted them. There were flowers in the garden, but they eventually became tomatoes or grapes. Jerusalem artichokes have a flower as well. They do not, however, have a product you can eat. Yuck! Zucchini is a flowering plant as are many other squashes. I don’t eat any of those. I don’t like squash. All of those flowers were in the garden, and eventually on the dinner table. Other, then the lack of squash on my plate (and by the way my tastebuds have never matured). But flowers that were just flowers, dad didn’t plant. That isn’t completely true.

There was an time when he was evaluating different natural methods to protect his crops. There are some flowers that protect vegetables. So there were from time to time flowers around the edges of the garden. There were times of the year when if you came to my parent’s farm you would think my parents only planted flowers. The orchard in the front of the yard filled with fruit and nut trees, flowered in the spring. It was a fantastic view to wander. I suspect dad planted some flowers around the deck in front of the house. He and I also planted Honeysuckle along the fence for the dog yard. Honeysuckle has a beautiful flower in the spring. But that was more of a natural privacy fence and shade for the dogs in the dog yard.

Some of the flower pictures are from my grandparents yard in Wisconsin Dells. I remember the back yard and the semi-picket fence that was there. I have very few memories of the Dells other than that fence, some flowers and my grandfather taking my sister and I to the park. I do also remember going into the basement and seeing my grandfathers tools and WWI memorabilia (he didn’t go overseas during WWI, he joined towards the end of the war upon graduating from high school but by the time his unit was trained, the war was over). I do also remember making a pinhole camera with my grandfather on the porch of their house. Funny, I remember the fence but I don’t remember the flowers.


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