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Many years ago, I was traveling a lot, and for the particular trip was in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I arrived a week into the trainy season. Rainy season in the tropics is something to experience once in your life. The sky goes from blue to black. The clouds open up, and water pours from the air at a tremendous rate. I was inside when the rain started and honestly had to go outside to get back to my hotel. I needed an umbrella. The only place that had umbrellas in the KCC mall (attached to the Petronas Towers) was the Tumi shop. I ended up getting a Tumi umbrella. I still have that umbrella in my bag and have carried it now for nearly 14 years.

It’s an excellent umbrella. Weather is a new problem, and part of my journey. I traveled from Indianapolis, Indiana, to places all around the world. Many times I had to dress for the cold to get to the airport, only to arrive in the tropics and have to ditch my coat. Only to fly home and have to get my jacket back on because it was freezing. I got interested in the weather. I had a weather station at home, and on my PocketPC phone, I had WeatherBug. I had the NOAA application, and I started to follow the European weather agency as well. The weather meant something to me because if you planed wrong, you ended up having to buy clothes.

Then since you had a packed suitcase, you had to buy a second bag. It was an uphill battle with travel. So thanks to the internet, I was able to figure out what the weather was like where I was going. Dress shirts, ties, and dress pants were required for working hours. But being comfortable meant you needed to know the weather. There is something about talking to someone in Indian with snow while you are walking around 80 degrees in shorts! Today four pictures, three from one weather station, the 4th from the video weather station I’ve shared before. I publish my videos almost every day and call them Yesterday’s Weather forecast, provided today.

I’ve been doing that for four years. At that time, I have never been wrong in predicting Yesterday’s Weather!



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