Wander project on the way to Chesterton MD…

We had engine trouble and therefore couldn’t take the boat out for a week or so in July. Based on that we decided to take a day trip to Chestertown Maryland. Chestertown is on the other side of Maryland (the Bay nearly splits the state in half).  Chestertown is on the Charles River, which feeds into the Bay a little north of where we are by 40 miles or so. The town is quaint little American town, like any other, you would wander to anywhere in the US.

The first issue was crossing the Bay. There are two ways across the Bay; the fast way is going via boat. Normally we go across the bay via boat. Takes about 40 minutes, with 10 of that being getting out of the Annapolis area. The other way is to drive over the Bay Bridge. We’ve been over that bridge several times, honestly and frankly one of the reasons why we have our boat in Annapolis is so that we don’t have to cross the Bay Bridge.

There are lots of pictures of traffic on the bridge as part of this wander project. All of the cars on the bridge were there on a Saturday in the middle of the morning. We left our house around 10 am give or take. We got to the bridge around 11 am in the morning on a Saturday. As you can see, it was already packed with traffic heading across to the other side of Maryland. We got to enjoy the traffic we usually waved to as we wandered under the bridge. Going over takes a lot more time.


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