Wander project watching a boat fly in Annapolis!

The first part is a cautionary tale. Well, it isn’t a cautionary tale, it is overall an inability on my part. The pictures are fun to see, a boat in the air. Boats, other than in fantasy novels or of course a pirate ship in Peter Pan, does not often the air ride. The video of them lowering the boat back into the water is really cool, I shared that on our family history Youtube channel. Yes, it rained on us as we stood there watching the boat out of the water. Kind, of, ironic when you think about it. We took our boat out of the water for 90 minutes, and it still got wet. Oh yeah, and it flew for about 35 feet. Who knew a boat could fly? Well, I guess I did have seen it before, but it was fun watching it happen life!

There are some things you do to maintain a boat. You check the engine fluid levels. You check the various external to internal filters. All of these things are important. One of the boat owners responsibilities is also to have the bottom of the boat cleaned a couple of time a year. This year I thought we would do June and August for bottom cleanings. That seemed like the perfect intervals. Two things interceded in my grand plan. The first, and probably the worst part of the overall problem was the reality of the weather.  I was bitten again by the weather this year. Twofold, weather impact, the first being that the water is high on the back creek right now.

Add to that greater water depth hot air. The warmer the water, the faster the algae grows. Algae, in a marina, like to grow on the bottom of boats. So you have a diver come to clean the bottom of the boat. This year has been one of the worst for algae production in recent memory. Worst for the three years, we’ve had a boat on Back Creek. Now enter the dump user error. I selected 7/20 for a boat cleaning. Figuring that was mid-June and perfect. Until I realized in July, that the boat hadn’t been cleaned in June. Because June is the 6th month of the year not the 7th month as I had selected. Imagine the look upon my face as I realized the reality of my mistake. Instead of a diver cleaning the bottom on the boat, we had to take it to the marina across the river from us. They pulled our boat out of the water, power washed the bottom and then as you see in the video put the boat back in the water. All because I can’t tell the difference between June and July. June I now realize is the 6th month of the year.


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Written by DocAndersen

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