Wander project Wasatch Lake Indiana…

Wasatch lake is a human created lake in the middle northern part of the state. Indiana is normally split by US 40, with anything north of US 40 called Northern Indiana and everything below US 40 is southern Indiana. The highway splits right the middle of Indianapolis. US 40 is also called the Old National Highway. It, US 40 is not as famous as Route 66 and isn’t the preferred way to travel the country anymore, but at one time was the road that was envisioned to stretch from sea to shining sea.

Wasatch is north of US 40. Owned by a group of Doctors the lake has a camping area with a lodge and cabins. The Lodge had games, a ping pong table, a pool table and the general look and feel of a hunting lodge. To that point in my life, I had only been in hunting lodges that had been converted to bars in Wisconsin. Mostly, I had been in to see what it was like. You read out hunting lodges as a child in many different books, and well you just want to know what they are like.

Wasatch is a non-motor lake (IE you paddle or the owners have a sailboat, but you have to rent that separately, and it was too cold for sailing). We managed to make it around the lake via the rowboat, and a couple of the pictures are from the rowboat to shore. I learned to row a boat on Lake Ripley in Wisconsin. Until I was old enough to take the power boat out, I had to row to go fishing. I suspect there was a lesson my grandfather was teaching me in there somewhere.


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