Wander project (wandering) singing the Moon song

I will not say it happens often, but from to time, I wonder not with the pictures, but the wander is not related to the pictures shared in any way. Today is such a day. I would mention in passing that the pictures today are of the twins when they were tiny. Funny, they are not tiny any longer. First of all, as the parent or one of two parents I should say with multiples, it is vastly different than a single child. Our daughter came to the world, to borrow from the song, in the usual way. She was a baby that slept through the night fairly quickly. I remember creating the moon song to sing to her each night. I recorded it and shared it on my podcast (you can listen to me singing “The Moon song” here). Every night I would sing the Railroadman’s Lament (500 miles) and then the moon song.

The moon song changed every day, as I would tell my daughter what the schedule was for the next day in the song. I later adopted (with my daughter’s permission) a variation of the song for the twins.  Sometimes when the kids were older, I would start to sing the Railroad Person’s Lament (I made the song title PC). The twins or my daughter would say, “dad stop, I am not tired.” The song 500 miles and the Moon Song had, for our kids become synonymous with time to sleep. It still to this day will get the I am not sleepy response. Even though the tiny children that it worked on years ago, are long since gone. It is sort of like the other forbidden activity in our house.

My wife is reading books to the kids in voices. “mom, do it without the voices” they would always say. Of course, my wife would just do it with more voices then. Funny the things you remember sometimes, I guess that is why we have to share!, Do you read books to younger people using voices? Or do you sing songs to them before they head off to sleep? I know a lot of people read to their children I guess I am curious how many people read in character voices. I never knew what all three little pigs sounded like until I heard my wife read the book. I am still not sure that is actually what they sound like, the three little pigs, but I am sure that is what my wife thinks they sound like!


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  1. Sounds like a lot to handle. Even though I think twins are cute I know it can be an awful lot of work and I would shudder at triplets or more. It is cute that they had songs they could associate with sleep. Mine were church chimes. We lived in NYC and near our house was a church with a great big tower. Every night we heard the chimes precisely at 9 PM and that meant bedtime for me. How I hated those chimes there were so many interesting things to do at night SIGH

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