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How do you measure success? Is it over time, things change? Is it the trumpeting of arrival? Is designated by someone else? Do we measure success within relationships differently? A good relationship is what? The pictures today are of the hottest day ever. Which, by the way, it wasn’t, but it was a hot day, and we were all wearing dark suits. Well, the men in the photos had dark suits.  All those years ago I wrote the vows we said to each other. They were written, and then a couple of words were removed and then memorized. The vows were lost in a computer crash that wiped out pictures and several things I had written, the vow used was one of them.

The word removed at my wife’s request was Obey. The 12 point type of the vows, offset by a 48 point type word, OBEY. She said nope. It had been put in, in large bold type as a joke. I happily removed it. We had met many times in the years between our first meeting. I shared that as an audio podcast a few weeks ago, the link to our When Harry met Sally story is here. This last time we were together for ten days when we got engaged. It was now eight months later; we were on this day married. I know the eight months was fast, but we both knew. We were ready for the life we wanted to have. We sat down. The two of us and we wrote down our dreams what we wanted in a relationship, in a partnership.

We blew past those goals and started new ones. We evolved and changed; We were smoke, we were water. We fit the container we were in until, enough pressure built up that we choose a new container. We found in the other, the missing pieces of ourselves. We found in each other, a friend. That was the thing we had both missed before. A friend, not someone that would sit idly by and let the world swamp you. But on the other side someone that would bail the boat, and then remind you that holes don’t go in boats without a doubt best friends. I used to rush home from trips across the globe, to show my wife pictures. The trip for me was real when my wife saw the pictures.

Today. Tomorrow. Thank you for 28 years. What dreams may come!


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