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wander project waiting for a cruise (Miami)

The pictures today are from Miami. We took a family vacation/cruise that left from Miami. When I read the booking, I realized that we were leaving Miai but returning to Ft. Lauderdale. They are close, but not that close. This was a huge argument upon our Miami arrival. My position was let’s take the Twins car seats (used on the airplane) my wife said, no we are leaving them in the locked at Miami airport in the airline locker. I said we should take them with us. Honestly,  the argument lasted the entire flight from Chicago to Miami. I lost. Well, I lost the argument in the first part. In the second part, I got and a begrudging you were right. I had to take a cab to Miami Airport, grab the seats and then get back to the dock.

Just t be clear the cruise left and returned to Miami. Our tickets, because of cost, arrived in Miami but we left from Ft. Lauderdale. Luckily, I traveled a lot back then and backed a lot of time for mistakes and sudden side trips. We are a lot better now about working together than we were. That was a time of transition. My wife had worked as a video producer. Due to the hours required for that job (often 120 per week), we decided that for a time she was going to come home and be the primary caregiver for the kids. The cost of daycare wiped out a 1/3 of our income at the time, so it worked out well. Landing in Miami, we, left the car seats in the airline storage.

We then headed to the hotel. We arrived late afternoon the day before the cruise was to leave. We walked around the dock area where our hotel was. It was 200 yeards from the hotel to where we were getting on the cruise ship. Cruises, if you like traveling and like boats are the way to go! Now, the Carnival Cruise we went on to Grand Cayman, and the Bahamas was more of a singles cruise than a family cruise. We had done a Disney Cruise with the kids before. In this case, we hit the hotel and then went out to dinner. I tried to get the kids to try Sushi; they said gross. Raw fish, yucky. I wish in retrospect that I had stopped pushing Sushi. Now all three kids love it!

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