Wander project tubing on Lake Lemon

There is something about tubing on a lake in the summer that is, amazing. One of those run experiences that you don’t forget. Plus tubing doesn’t require the balance that water skiing does. I struggled every summer as children remembering to slow down and keep my balance on water skies. With a tube, you just hold on. Now, if the driver of the boat wants to dump you, it isn’t that hard. They just make a slow, gentle turn and then a fast turn the other direction.

We tubed a lot the first few years. Even my wife went into the water, although she does mention from time to time that she only swims in pools. The water in Lake Lemon, the Chesapeake Bay, and other open water is normally pronounced dirty. She even rode in the tube a few times. It is a fun experience, and there were a lot of boats on Lake Lemon with tubes. My daughter and I did a little research, and we ended up with a couch to behind the boat.

Looking back at our boating and inner tubing we always followed a couple of rules. The first was a life vest that kept the persons head above water. Those are more expensive but effectively the best way to make sure no one gets hurt. The other was to make sure we had plenty of room. Lake Lemon was more crowded a few years into our stay, so we stopped tubing and switched to fishing and sunbathing. One of the boys caught their first fish on Lake Lemon.


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Written by DocAndersen

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