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Four cities from my Just for Fun challenge thought I would share the pictures again. I am wandering a few things today mentally. I have a lot going on at both home and work.  Not that I can’t handle the load just that over the next few days, my time will be limited. Do you ever run into times like that when you suddenly realize you are slowly but surely losing time? I was talking to my buddy, who is styling the internet and interactions, and he talks about the time-suck. He was in a mood last night (and so was I). Years ago, we used to gather at a shop in Bloomington and read poetry late at night. I would say that the discussions we had then would solve all the problems o the big world.

He was saying that people spend more time online now than as recently as five years ago. The measure of connection has become attractive. I know that I spend more time online than I used to and that I need to cut back. The allure of or perhaps to use the Greek, the siren call of the internet is connected. My friend and I have stayed connected since the years after college, but most of our friends back then have moved on. We compare from time to time on Facebook or via another Social Media system, but we do not spend the time we used to pay. That I think is normal as we age. We spend less time on the pursuits that once drove us. We mature perhaps.

The story of friends and the woven fabric we create becomes the story of us. We, as the eternal us, have to live with who we are. We are the compilation of the years, the friends, the family, and the time. The thins the impact us, sometimes even stop our progress for a time become part of us. I sometimes wonder within myself of the things I see. We were waxing poetic today, my apologies. Sometimes the wander project gets off the rails like today. There is no path to yesterday. I don’t have a throwback moment to lay in front of you—just the quiet reflection of where I am and what is flowing around me now. I grew up with a scientist, so the measure of number is comforting.

Today, I am wondering if the hours I need to cut aren’t from my time on the internet.



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  1. Awesome photos of these cities. The more time goes on the more I have this incredible feeling about how unreal it is that I will never see Riga again nor any of the places that bring so many memories and all I can do is look at my photos. Kind of a surreal feeling.


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