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Wander project To The Lighthouse (and wet)

To the lighthouse. What once was that is now less but still cool. I love Lighthouses. I remember as a child seeing them on Lake Michigan and marveling at their functionality and well all around cool factor. The Bay has some lighthouse some set as channel markers, others as warnings of shallow water or other things that large marine vessels don’t operate well in. The channels markers now are small and automated; there is less need to have the lighthouse of old. I suspect, based on the stell casone the lighthouse is sitting on that it was placed in the water during the 1920s or 1930s to guide ships before the Bay Bridge was built. They were the original channel guides for larger ships.

Now they are both relics and memories. Relics in that they are no longer required, yet cool factor in that they represent a pathway to what once was. In her book, the stream of consciousness novel “To the Lighthouse.” Virginia Woolf also took us on a journey. I didn’t not, arrive in a rowboat at the foot of the lighthouse on this trip. We wandered there as part of our afternoon on the Bay. There was a light rain falling as we headed out, light, except for the captain who had to stand to see clearly. The captain got both the mixed spray of the Bay (diluted salt water) and the rain in the face. Our crew was more than usual for our non-traditional Monday trip.

My daughter bought one of her dear friends from Indiana that now lives in Maryland and her finance. Captain Lars and my wife (Admiral, now because of Captain Lars promotion) rounding out the crew. As the boats Pilot, I was the low ranking person onboard, so I got to be the wettest person. Although my future son-in-law did “person” the helm for a time as well; taking us from the Lighthouse back towards the marina! It was a cool day, and the rain was light enough not to make it uncomfortable. I went down below for a time as my son-in-law was piloting the craft and tried to at least stay somewhat dry. I should have brought my jacket! If I knew then what I know now, I would be a lot smarter!


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  1. How many times have we all said, if we knew then what we know now. Life would be different perhaps. Would love to see osprey babies. I watch the bird cams at Cornell’s website a lot. Very cool.


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