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Wander project through my father's eyes…

The pictures today, from what my father saw series. In particular, these are from his MISC folder. But, I recognize the pictures. Not that Iw as there, rather I recognize where the pictures were taken. The first few pictures are of a Thai market. There are many Thai markets. My all-time personal favorite as a child was the Sunday Market. These pictures are not of the Sunday market. That was a magical outdoor ride. I remember approaching the Sunday market in the car. You could tell from the rising smoke from the food vendors that we were coming near the market. We would need part of the car, an Opal as a side note. And then we would venture into the market.

We often shopped the Sunday market for a fun dinner or holiday meal. As you walked towards the many tents, the world was opened before you. In the sky, the kites were flying. Around you were the myriad of things available. It was sensory overload. I remember because before I lived in Thailand, my experience with fish was that I liked it at my grandparents, but in Indiana, I didn’t like fish much. Now, suddenly, the smoked fish smelled delightful. The food vendors were sprinkled through the tents. As you walked, there were hawkers selling wares. Everything was there, fish, beef, lamb, and many other ocean creatures. Chickens are hanging in the window of the display case.

Everything was available, but there were no prices. You bartered for everything you got. Everything was a negotiation. The price 10 baht, you then argued, bartered. Sometimes the vendor would say, “I must feed my children.”  The art of the deal played out every single week. I loved watching, listening, and smelling. The world of possibilities lay in front of us as we walked through the market. Oh, I recall the Sunday Market. Dad, on a mission, walking to the place he had already determined had what he wanted. Mom, usually holding my little sister ( I guess she was a flight risk then). Me between mom and dad (I was a flight risk or posed a wander off risk). My middle sister is holding my mom’s hand as we changed past the many vendors to the perfect spot.

I remember the Sunday market well!


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