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Wander project through my father's eyes 3

I am continuing through my father’s eyes series for a while. In this case, Christmas in the Wisconsin Dells. My older cousins (Peter and my other cousin) were the oldest kids in our side of the clan. Peter was a tragic story that I won’t spend a lot of time on. Suffice it to say that he, Peter was lost at an early age. I would love to say that at the end of the story there was a realization, but that was not to be. Peter, his father, and his mother all ended up being tragic stories. My aunt died of cancer when I was very little (1966 or so). I remember going to the Dells. To my Grandparents old house on the outskirts of what was then a very small Wisconsin resort town. More famous perhaps then, for the amazing sights along the Wisconsin River.

I do remember both my grandmother’s Christmas trees. It was I suspect in the 1960’s a measure of you as a female parent how you decorated your tree. Both my grandmothers always had perfect trees. My father’s mother is the tree in the pictures today. One is catywhompus, sorry about that but the rules of the family history project are to share the pictures as is. Not to fix them, we could certainly remove the blemishes from the pictures. But then they wouldn’t represent the moment captured, rather the edited moment of later. Editing the pictures in the ned removing a piece of what was captured then, and replacing it with the correctness of now.

There are no outside pictures to guarantee that this was in the Dells by the by. These pictures may have been in Racine. My grandparents moved from Wisconsin Dells to Racine when I was very young. Lot’s of pictures of my father’s sisters. My aunts, all of whom I remember. There look to be pictures of all my cousins as well. The two younger were my cousins Ricky and his sister. Ricky, like Peter, passing tragically far too early. Although Ricky drowned at an early age doing what he loved to do. Peter was lost, Ricky wasn’t lost but he far too early. I won’t mention the names of my other cousins as that becomes too much personal information to be shared in the modern world of cyber risk.

So many faces in these pictures are gone now.


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Written by DocAndersen

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