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When the twins were little, we did Tae Kwon Do. Well, they did it, we watched. It was as much for them to gain insight into self-control and other processes. They both did very well overall. The pictures today are of them, as learners. They, the twins, lost interest in Tae Kwon Do a few months after these pictures but at the time of these pictures they were still big into it. Funny, as parents, you offer activities, ideas, and things for kids to do. Eventually, the child moves out of your sphere into the things that interest them. I know, time being what it is, as I think back over the life of the kids, that many of the things we offered them were more things we were interested in.

That is the way of parents. At first, you offer children what you are interested in. Then you slowly begin to support the things they are interested in. Like standing in the snow for hours to get kids into special schools (many hours and it was really cold) and or standing outside an auditorium waiting while the rehearsal wraps up. You drive across town, and you rush home to pick them up. The twins had many activities that we were driving to. I know, as a once upon a time child, that my parents did so many things for me. So many things that I have forgotten. So many things I didn’t say thank you for. I realize that as a parent, it is a thankless job.

You, as the parent, are always wrong, always in the wrong place and always behind the times. Grandparents are always better parents than parents are. I know for many years, I was far closer to my grandfather than my father. I was always close to my father, but it was less about what he was doing and more about what he was doing if you understand the difference. Grandparents could drop in, drop out, and the impact was different. Parents were just there. So, I guess in thinking about what was, thank you, mom (and dad) for all the wonderful things you did for me. You made a difference in my life, and I owe you for that. You were the guiding light, the standing in the snow, the driving in the cold force that helped me become who I am.

Thanks, mom!


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  1. I totally understand you … if I just look at myself … there were almost no sports I didn’t try … but none was good enough … I took basketball most seriously and even made it to the youth team then injury bumps continued … I should have done miniscus surgery but I didn’t want to … I just preferred to finish training … but I haven’t had surgery today but it’s OK


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