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Time is an interesting paradigm. It is something that all of us chase. It is something that we sit at our desks and ponder. It is the one thing we never have enough of, that we always want more of, but is also fleeting and quickly passing. Still, we stop, from time to time, and ponder. We ponder the pam tree gently moving in the breeze. As the wind gently moves the palm fronds we watch them. Each frond has independent motion. In the moment of watching, we are mesmerized by the palms. We watch them moving and stop all the pursuits.

That ts time after all. The recognization that we are missing something. The reality of seeking that missing and watching the palm frond. I know in each piece, in each moment, in each second of standing their other things are piling up, other things are appearing for me to consider and do. But watching the palm trees, I cannot stop.

The problems of today wash away with the wind. Like the beach and footprints that we lose with the arrival of the high tide, each problem is slowly erased, not from the world nor us, just from that part of us that is a conscious thought.

I love those moments when things seem to always and ever flow away from me. To push my thoughts to the edge of what and where.  I wonder if the wind gently blowing the palm fronds knows that it is changing things around it?

What do you think?

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Written by DocAndersen

I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.


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  1. I sometimes think, “Next time, when I go into the room to get something, I’m going to remember what it was.” 🙂

    I was actually thinking about time this morning. At 7:00 am it was still dark outside. A couple of months ago, it was broad daylight at 7. That forced the realization that the cold time of year isn’t far away.

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