Wander project the water between the land. Meet the mighty Ohio River.

The Ohio River, the first Superhighway of the American Midwest. A bone of contention between Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky for many years. Where, does the state line end. If it is in the middle of the river, does the line move when the river moves? That dispute at least the one between Indiana and Kentucky ended up going to the US Supreme Court. Kentucky won, as it had been a state longer, and the lines drawn for the original state of Kentucky were selected as the final borders. Most years that is near to the shore of the Ohio River on the Indiana side. It meant Kentucky could tax commerce on the river. On the Indiana side, there were still businesses and organizations. But the Kentucky side grew faster.

The town of Louisville, named for the King of France great rapidly. It because of part of one of my favorite Dad jokes. (How do you pronounce the capital of Kentucky, Louie—Ville or Louis—Ville? The answer of course to the question is neither. “I,” the joke teller responds “pronounce it Frankfurt.” After of course, the person has stumbled through a figuring out is it Louie, or Louis and then adding ville. As I have said before my Dad jokes aren’t always good, but they are always fun! On one of our trips to Louisville, or Corydon, we stopped at the Howard Steamboat Museum. It was a huge old brick house. (why brick near a river? Wood rots when it floods or well when exposed to water, brick does not)!

The cool museum was fun to wander and see. The steamboat paddle wheels were huge. You can see based on the size comparison with the humans in front of it.

The mighty riverboats once journeyed from Pittsburgh to New Orleans. Down Ohio, down the Mississippi moving people and goods on the two rivers. Ohio joins the Mississippi on its way to New Orleans. Ulysses S. Grant used the Mississippi and Ohio to move troops during the American Civil War. His superior knowledge of the river was one of the reasons he was able to win! I will end with another thing my dad used to say “Ohio, to thick to navigate, to thin to cultivate.” It was never a color other than brown that I have seen.


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