Wander project the pool and Fran

Sometimes you make a mistake, and it turns out to be a better view than perfection. In this case, the accident did not realize that sitting near the pool there would be moisture in the air. It created an air of fog around my daughter’s dog, Fran. Fran was a beautiful dog, and her job was to keep my daughter in line. Keep her in line. Fran also barked at the twins as well. She would stand at the edge of the pool and bark at the kids when they roughhoused in the pool. She didn’t get in the pool more than the top step. We had three steps at one end of the pool to make it easier to enter the pool. It was my wife’s brilliant idea and other than one time; it was the perfect solution for kids and adults.

One time a guest’s 20-month-old daughter didn’t use the steps and walked into the pool at an angle. We fished her out right away, she didn’t go below the water, but that was the only time. For the most part, adding those steps was a brilliant idea. But in this case, the picture of Fran was perfect. My daughter took 100’s of pictures of Fran, so she always stopped and looked at the camera. She, as labs often do have the most expressive face. She also had the most beautiful eyes.  Somewhere there is a video of her standing on the top step of the pool, her feet in the water, barking at the kids as they are roughhoused in the pool. She would look at me, bark, look at me.

Our other dog at the time, Gwen had no interest in the pool or the kids. She would from time to time check in with the humans, but for the most part, she was hunting chipmunks. Sadly over the years, she caught a couple, and I got to clean up the mess. It made me remove all of the bushes near the pool area and cover that section of the landscaping in pebbles. I got tired of dead chipmunks. It felt unfair to the chipmunks. Plus it encouraged snakes to come up into the yard area. My wife, and for that matter my mother, don’t go anywhere snakes are found. EVER! As in, the response to seeing a snake is, someone needs to get rid of that snake, or I am staying inside!


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Written by DocAndersen

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