Wander project the last few pictures from my cellular phone

As has been my tradition during the photo challenge, I devote a wandering post, to the last few pictures on my cell phone. Today, the last 11, and it is an eclectic batch. We don’t travel very far in these pictures, but the reality of the pictures is fun! The pictures shared in the past few days wandered some topics. From the bus, my grandfather gave me, to the pictures of the Grioptic 360 camera adapter for your phone.

We have a picture of my bag in my office. And my buddy, sleeping in the living room. Dylan, my buddy, loves to bask in the sun when it is cool, and there isn’t a fire. When there is a fire, he and his sister (Raven) and in front of the fire. By the way, in our house getting between a Lab and a Fire, will get you glared at. Unless you either, A have food to share with Labs or B, are adding a log to the said fire. Those acts (food and logs) are acceptable activities.

There is a 360-degree image taken from the Giroptic camera in this roll as well.

Finally, there is the now infamous thumb image. I had a 99-day streak in the 365-day photo challenge where I didn’t have a picture with my thumb in it. That streak was shattered as my entire thumb made an appearance online. Perhaps I should have added a top hat to my thumb. I lvoe the challenge, because it actually fits into my family history project rules. To share the pictures taken with the world. There is nothing better than sharing the pictures you take. Other than not taking the occasional thumb picture.


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