Wander project the Fragility of snow

Snow is an interesting thing. First, as it falls from the sky, it is a moment of reflection. You stop and look up. How often do we do that in life? Just stop and look up? Sometimes with the clouds, we do. Sometimes we do check the weather. But mostly we keep our heads down; today is the most pressure we will feel. There is a gap between yesterday, it was bad but today is worse. Today is always worse. Yesterday gets a different color over time. Snow clears the machine, resets the color and brings us all back to where we started. Snow resets the world so that for a time everything is the same. The mad rush to get to work slows down. People stop and look up to see the snow.

I have a good friend that believes snow is both fragile and resilient at the same time. Anyone snowflake unique, and fragile. 10000000 together resilient and strong against nature, against man. Pitting each of what we are against the snow that much is moved. Snowflake weights less than a gram. A shovelful can be pounds of snow quickly. The snow blower, bursting to life with smoke and gasoline, throwing the snow into the air. We don’t look up, as the world changes from watching the snow to moving the snow. That my friend says is the move from fragile to resilient. The snow system, one that we consider, curse, love and as a child hoped for (no school, snow day!)

The snow is a moment. Like any moment it begins and ends. But it also evolves with us as people. As a small child, I saw snow and thought sledding, snowballs, and cocoa. As a slightly younger child, I thought, I have to move that snow off the driveway before dad gets home.  It is the evolution of snow. As an adult I wonder how much will fall and can I get to work. Will the snowblower start or will we shovel by hand. The evolution of snow involves accepting the fragility and the beauty of the fragile moment by not pouring gasoline all over your yard and melting the snow in a blaze of fire. Of course, the police might respond if you do the second thing. Snow is the enemy and the guide. If it could just learn to fall everywhere but my driveway!


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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