Wander project the first time I went nito the pond…

Today’s pictures are of the backyard, part of it, that we had when we lived in Indiana. The pictures of the pond today are part of the story, although not when the pond was frozen. I used to wonder, frequently, what the geese were doing standing on the frozen pond. Didn’t their feet get cold? The pond didn’t always freeze over during the early winter months. Or for that matter it didn’t often freeze over in the later winter months either. There was a couple of storm drain outlets one in the area in front of our yard, and one in our neighbor’s area. That storm drains carried melted water and that water was normally warmer than the pond water was, so the pond didn’t freeze.

It did freeze all the way a couple of years. So I sat in the warm inside and watched the geese standing on the ice outside.

Saly today’s story has nothing to do with winter.

It has nothing to do with ICE.

It does have something to do with the pond.

Back in the first year we lived in the house I mowed. I never really pushed the kids to mow the area by the pond. I did have my daughter mow some of the front yards but the area by the pond was a little tricky. We had a steep incline that led from part of our yard to the pond itself. The ground was a little tricky, and I mowed that area. I shared the funny story about the 2nd time I went into the pond.

This is the funny story about the first time I went into the pond.

The difference between the two stories is that, as I was mowing the yard, I slipped off the edge of the area by the pond.  It cost me a lawn mower repair visit (mowers don’t like water). It could have been a lot worse. The mower was one of the auto cut off if you let go of the handle, which I did as the mower went into the pond. That would have been embarrassing and expensive. But sadly after the mower I ended up in the pond feet first. I didn’t lose my balance, but it took me five minutes to get out of the muck, and silt at the bottom of the pond. Then it took another five minutes to wrestle the mower out of the pond. Not one of my better days!


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