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wander project the dogs that shared our lives…

One of the things I am always careful about is releasing personal information. I don’t say the names of humans anymore because of the issues that may or may not cause. I do, however, list the names of the dogs that have shared our journey. One of the things that the dogs have brought to me over the years was always a sense of belonging, of being part of their world. Anna Banana was the first dog that lived with us. She was a Duschsund and was the family dog in Illinois. When we moved to Indiana, Anna stayed with another family in Chicago. We were moving to family housing and dogs were not allowed there. I remember Anna, and she was a great dog that graced our lives.

When we moved from the apartments to a house in Bloomington Indiana, the first dog that came to live with us was MacGregor. Mac was a collie. He ended up 2.5 years into his short life, having Canine Leukemia. Mac was my dad’s dog, dad was out of town and the Vet (back when the Vet’s still made house calls) told my mother that Mac was going to die that night. My dad wasn’t coming home for three days. Mac, didn’t move, didn’t eat, and didn’t drink for the three days. He was lying on a blanket in the hallway in my parent’s room. When my dad got home, Mac got to his feet, wagged his tail and greeted my dad. He died that night. That one makes me cry every time I think about it.

Pheobe was the next dog that joined our family. Then Frosty, Duo, and Roscoe. Pheobe sadly died when she was 7. The other three were the last big dogs my parents had for a long time. (there was a very short-lived dog, Twit a Yorkshire Terrier, but he was hit by a car). My parents were starting having smaller dogs for awhile. That brought Loch Nessa to the family. Nessie, named by my father for the Loch Ness Monster, was the primary dog of my mother for many years. After Nessie, my wife and I added a dog (Gwen). Over the years, there have been many dogs that have lived with us. I truly love dogs. We’ve had cats as well; there was Mao, our Siamese cat, Krat, the stray that wandered to the house. But for me, it was always dogs!

The picture of my dad was one I am sharing for me!


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