Wander project The Cheseapeake Bay!

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Heading back from the Lighthouse. As you pass under the bay bridge, you can see what kind of boater people are. Those who, realizing there are many people fishing on both sides of the Bay Bridge, and slow down. And those who blow through the fishing boats at full cruising speed. We slow down. There is no rush to get where you are going if you impact other people along that path. We boat because we love being on the water, we don’t boat because we want to throw a wake up and see how much we can make fishing boats rock. The same is true of sailboats. Why make their lives harder than they have to be, by slamming them with a massive amount of water?

We have some goals for the boat this year. One is to spend the entire weekend on the boat. That means no children, no dogs. Just peace. The other is to find a nice spot to drop anchor and fish! Ok, I have to be honest the fish part is me, my wife would like to drop anchor and relax with a nice book. I am the one that wants to drop a line and see what I can catch. I need to get my Maryland Fishing license. I had one in Indiana for many years. When I was fishing in Wisconsin, I was under the required age for a fishing license. By the time I was old enough, my grandparents had moved closer to town, and we didn’t go to the lake as often.

There are a bunch of pictures of the Bay Bridge as well today, and my epic fail. Trying to take a picture of the bottom of the bridge, I also ended up with most of the top of the boat. I guess that is a topsy-turvy kind of picture. How often do you take a picture where the top of what you are on, is closer than the bottom of what you re taking a picture of. Now that I say it, most of the time it would be that way. I guess it isn’t as cool an epic fail as I thought it was. It is simply just another epic fail picture. I have a few of those, but only when I have a camera in my hand. When I see pictures of my journey’s they aren’t typically epic fails until I get the camera involved. Anyway, last pictures today of our trips to the boat this week!


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