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Wander project the Chair Lament

As we wander pictures today one of my all-time favorite pictures. The twins on my chair. The red chair sat in the living room in Cincinnati (willow cove) and lasted about three years in the living room in Indiana (Greenwood). Part of the wear and tear on the chair was the kids. They loved the chair. The twins, in particular, would often sit in that chair together and watch videos. The reason for sharing the chair picture is to denote a long time problem in our house. What if I get a comfortable chair, it really isn’t my chair. I remember going to my grandparent’s house, Grandpa had a recliner and grandma had her chair. Grandpa would, when he wasn’t using his chair allow you to sit in it.

Grandma did not, and if grandpa was going to come in a sit-down, you got out of his chair and sat on the Davenport (that is what my Grandmother called the couch). There was never a question or an argument. When we lived in Cincinnati I threw out my back (that would happen three more times, each time was terrible but I hadn’t had an episode for 10 years by the time I did again in Cincinnati). I ended up getting a massage chair for the corner of the living room. That chair had a recliner and the actual recliner became property of my daughter. I would sit in the chair and she would sit on the extended recliner leg to watch her shows. Back there, dinner didn’t start until my daughter’s shows were done.

(Barney and then Shining time Station. I was odd to see both Ringo Star and then Geoge Carlin as stars in a Children’s show). Looking back that may have been my first mistake. There is no share when it comes to dad’s chair! From there, that original recliner we got the red recliner in the picture. I lost control of that chair. Now I can’t even sit in the chair in my office, that one belongs to the dogs. I think, if there are ever grandchildren, my rule is going to be, not in Grandpa’s chair. Sit in Grandma’s chair. It is much nicer! Trust me, Grandma’s chair is the one that Goldilocks chooses every time! Has to be that way, since I’ve lost control of my chair somehow!

the first chair I lost

  1. Wpw. your twins took over the chair and then your daughter and her dog right and then the dogs. Did you ever get to sit in the chair? It seems like it was always occupied by someone in your home. I remember my grandfather had a recliner too and he let me sit it in too. I do not remember if I had to get up so he could sit there. It was so long ago. He lived close to my school so I could hang out with him after school and really enjoyed our time together.

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