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For a time when the twins were young, we lived in a very competitive neighborhood. The twins were in cub scouts. There were two significant annual events, the pinewood derby, and the cake contest. The tow was big contests for the kids, as they won a prize. But it was a more significant contest for the parents. Some of the parents spent hours making cakes and carefully engineering Pine Wood Derby cars for their kids. The kids got to watch, and sometimes the kids got to hold the vehicle. But the kids didn’t do the work. That always bothered me. One of the things that my parents still were awesome about was us doing the work. Not ever the prettiest result, but we did the job.

The Pine Wood Derby has the car created from a pinewood kit, run on a track. The fastest car wins the race. There are a lot of rules, including you can’t add weights and things that would make the car faster. You can, however, reduce the drag of air and make the vehicle more aerodynamic. I had an understanding of what the cars should look like, but I lacked the skills to produce a better car. But I was proud of the fact that I made my car. So we had the window do the same thing. If it were now, and all the horrible things that happened in scouting were known to us, we probably wouldn’t be involved in scouts currently. But then it was a more innocent time.

The cake contest was simple to create a cake that represents scouting life. Ours looks like scouts responding to a forest fire. But again, the twins made it themselves. They were very proud of their creation and ended up getting a ribbon from the judges. I think the judges realized that their cake was one of the few cubes made by the kids. A few of the cakes were more ornate than I’ve seen at weddings. But that is a story for another time. The pictures I am sharing today are of the outdoor camping activity Cub Scout cake done by the twins. I am proud of their effort. It took them an hour to put their cake tother. So I am happy to share the cake they made! It was after all a contest for the kids.

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