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The shortest distance between any two points is never time. Images today from the past focusing on my daughter when she was younger. The Bean, as we called her then, was a high energy kid (she is still, from time to time high energy). But, she was also someone willing just to do things. There were times, as I was starting in my career and my wife was starting in her career that weeds were lost to work. The Bean didn’t care, she just wandered along, with her crayons and dolls and had fun. She did love going to my office on Saturday’s because we had a conference room with a huge TV and a VCR. She could sit comfortably in the big conference room chairs and watch a movie. As things in my job changed, I was later able to work from home more, but in those early years, it was hands on.

Bean was born in University Hospital Cincinnati Ohio. University Hospital is probably most famous as a building. Why you ask is it famous as a building? Because, if you see the old US Proctor and Gamble Soap Opera (episodic TV, sponsored by P&G a soap company back in the day, so the term was coined Soap Opera to describe the shows they were funding) General Hospital, the Hospital shown in the opening of the show is, in fact, University Hospital. The Bean was born there a few days early (two weeks early based on what my wife’s doctor said on Monday before she was to be born). The Bean was born just before Thanksgiving more than 20 years ago now. We were living in a two bedroom apartment in Maineville Ohio (just north of Cincinnati off I71).

We would move from Mainville to Western Hills (also a suburb of Cincinnati) when the Bean was too young to recall. The other thing she would only know because we’ve told the story of why she got the nickname The Bean. It comes from two different things. The first was calling her the QullyBean, and eventually the second part dropping Quilly and calling her The Bean. Quilly Bean came from the old cartoon, Chilly Willy. Don’t me why that Chilly became Quilly. In part Quillybean, because it rhymed. I used to sing a song for The bean all those years ago. Actually, it was born from a song. The lyrics basically were “Mashed Potatoes bless my soul, Quilly loves that rock and roll.” Later we added a song for my wife (Mambo Desousa) but that is for another post.


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