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Wander project the American Visionary Art Museum Baltimore MD.

Last view pictures from the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. Love the car; my wife is peeking in to see if the keys were still in the ignition. Otherwise, she probably would just hotwire the car and take off! The interesting creation that caught our eye other than Babe (the blue Ox of Paul Bunyan) was the Bra Ball. It was huge. Not sure why I had to take that picture, but I did have to take it. Babe is off to the left of the car in the corner of the building. It is an old converted factory. The first building had three more traditional closed floor areas. The third building had a more open concept with two classrooms/meeting rooms on what was half of the second floor.

That gave exhibitors a huge floor space to work with on the main level. The classroom looked very cool. The image of Julia Child came from the second floor. I also took the airplane sculpture picture from above on the second floor. The third floor, like the second building, was closed for a wedding. That hangs in the space between the first and second floor. The museum also offers guided tours, but you are welcomed to view things on your own. That was what we decided to do, wander on our own. I suspect the docents are pretty interesting and have lots of interesting stories about the creative process that created some of the displays. I enjoyed the large moving outdoor displays. There is something about a huge, moving sculpture that I like. Don’t ask me why I have no idea.

Finally, we wandered down to the boat for a relaxing end to our day. The flowers come from the garden area by the bathhouse. We walked around a bit and started the motors. We didn’t take the boat out, as we were both really tired. Instead, we sat, relaxed and just breathed! I took a picture of the water-taxi sign because my wife kept talking about it. I don’t know why she was suddenly stuck on water taxi’s, but she was. The water-uber concept was one that made her happy for some reason. I wonder if I should be worried about her now?  We ended the day with a relaxing slog through DC traffic returning to Maryland. Even on a Sunday, the traffic in DC can be really bad. In this case, we were jammed until we got to I-95. Sometimes you just have to wonder.


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