Wander project Thanksgiving 2006

Happy Thanksgiving all!!!!

In 2006 we wandered down and had Thanksgiving in Tallahassee Florida with my wife’s parents and her brother and our sister in law. We had gone down to visit my wife’s brother on Thanksgiving when we lived in Cincinnati, and they lived in Birmingham Alabama. My wife’s brother and her parents moved to Tallahassee Florida after we had moved to Indiana. It was a long drive, but well worth it. It was funny leaving cold Indiana and ending up in Warm Frlodia as well. All of us got a cold when we got back, traditioning between warm and cold that much. It did make for a wonderful holiday. My wife’s parents would move back to Indiana a couple of years later.

Thanksgiving is a big holiday for the family, so it was nice to hang out with family in Florida.

It is another of the 27 consecutive holidays my wife, and I have spent together. We got together in the time before portable cell phones. We’ve seen a lot of changes in those ensuing years. We lived in Bloomington Indiana when we got engaged. We lived in Cincinnati Ohio after we got married. We moved to Greenwood Indiana, and in keeping our new G name tradition moved to Gaithersburg and then Germantown Maryland. We’ve had Thanksgiving dinners in Hot Springs Arkansas, Birmingham Alabama, Tallahassee Florida, Cincinnati, Greenwood, Bloomington, and Maryland. Funny how time leavens the bread but the memories continue to evolve.

The pictures shared today are of twins at the kid’s table.

My favorite one of all of these is of big sister checking on the twins. She was a great caretaker of her little twins from the first day they came home from the hospital.

Tomorrow is another day, today we enjoy the holiday!


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