Wander project Thanksgiving 2004 images

More images from Thanksgiving 2004 in Tallahassee Florida. One of the things we do each year says what we are thankful for. It is an oral legend that it was on the first Thanksgiving when the early European Settlers were starting that the native population came and offered food and comfort. That food and comfort were enough to keep the Europeans alive and surviving. I wonder if you could go back and ask the native’s if, in fact, they would do that again?

I suspect the answer to that one is no.

What am I thankful for, this Thanksgiving 2017?

  1. To be able to spend time with my wonderful wife.
  2. To be able to spend time with my wonderful family.
  3. To spend time with our wonderful dogs.

The mighty D (my dog) and the kids/my wife’s dog HRMR (Her Royal Majesty Raven) love Thanksgiving. Their people are home for a day. Plus, there are all sorts of bits and surprises that occur. Raven, in particular, is a foodie. She is always interested in what bits of food might be for the dogs. In particular, Dylan and Raven love that their morning is started with the organs of the turkey, boiled and served over dog food.

I am thankful for so much. I am very blessed.


What do you think?


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