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Wander project Thailand

Wandering to warm one more day, it is still a little cold here in Maryland. So cold in fact that the snow is asking to come inside the house (yuk, yuk). Scott’s joke of the day. Part of today was me wandering the low tide beach. I have done that over the years many times. I used to wander the low tide beach at Pattaya when we first went there as well.  I love seeing what the ocean has on the surface (once I get our new ROV, will happily share movies of underwater as well as above the house).

The two days we spent at Pattaya were a great end to our wonderful visit to Bangkok. We got to see so many things that were the same as when we had been there, 30 years before. We also got to see so many new things it was wonderful. We got to return to what was, and see what was now. We got to see old friends and reconnect. We went to the old city, Pattaya and the palace. The rout of the palace (old palace not the current one) was fun for me, not so much for the kids.

The boys get bored walking around. Still, the adults had fun on that trip! It was fun to show the kids what I had seen as a child. This last day the boys were hanging out with my mom and wife. I wandered the beach as I used to do 30 years before. Looking for the reassures that the ocean returns to land from time to time. I didn’t find any actual treasure, but I did, of course, find a few good pictures.

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