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More pictures from my side trip to Thailand in 2005, these of an ancient Wat. My father was deeply influenced by Buddhism while and after we were first in Thailand. I suspect as a system the calm of Buddhism spoke to dad. We wandered over to the Wat after dinner. It was a fun time to hang out with mom and dad. Dad was working during the day, except for the Saturday and Sunday I was there (arrived on a Thursday pm, left on a Monday PM). Mom and I, along with a long time family friend hung out on Friday. We went to lunch at one of the fun hotels along the Chao Pyra river. The river cuts through the center of Bangkok. It is the bringer of life.

I had just finished up my project in Malaysia. We presented the overall solution to the customer. It was, as I shared the other day a short trip to Bangkok from KL. I blew off a meeting in Singapore, but mostly because I already had plans. I ended up having to attend the meeting during an evening after returning to the US. It was one of those long, political painful meetings. In the end, the assumptions made in having that meeting were wrong. The customer agreed with the assessment that the partner, the team and I proposed. The regional team had been convinced that the Malaysian team was operating in a vacuum and wouldn’t be able to deliver the answer.

Never underestimate a strong team!

It was nice after two weeks of politics to just hang out with mom, dad, and our family friend.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures!

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