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Wander project Sydney Austrailia

I traveled a lot (more than 1.6 million air miles on two airlines) and more than 1400 nights in hotels (over 1000 nights in Marriott hotels). Going to Australia was one of the highlight trips for me of my traveling career. Australia and New Zealand were two places I relay wanted to go to (along with Japan, Korea, and other places).  I had seen pictures of the Sydney Opera from years before when my father had spent a summer in Australia. He was working for McQuarry university (spelling on the name sorry). He took 100’s of pictures of the opera house for my mother. My mother loves to go to the Opera. My father wasn’t a big fan of Opera, but he was a big fan of my mother.

From, Indianapolis Indiana (we were living just south of the city in Greenwood) to Sydney Australia was a 24-hour flight of real time. Arrive at Indianapolis Weir Cook airport. Fly to Chicago. From Chicago fly to Narita, Tokoyo Japan. Both of those stops, Chicago was one I made frequently, and there was a 3-hour delay from landing to boarding the flight. Narita was a 4-hour delay boarding the flight to Sydney.  There was a whole team of us arriving for a series of meetings, at the Marriott Downtown Wharf hotel. We were going to be on the other side of Sydney, crossing the wonderful Sydney bridge. But we stayed on the other side of the city because the folks that had been to the city many times suggested we stay there.

I got there a day before everyone else, and as is my tradition wandered around the city as much as I could. The pictures are of flowers encountered in my wanders. The amazing thing about the flowers was that they were everywhere. On the side of the Quay was the Opera House. I took a few pictures of the opera house to tease my father. I did find out, however, that the Opera has an amazing botanical garden that sits on the peninsula connecting the opera house to Sydney. We, my friend and I, wandered that garden for a couple of hours. The flowers in the pictures today come from the opposite side of the Quay, from the first cou0ple of walks I took in Sydney!


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  1. I am not a fan of highly urbanized places. However, that view changed when I set foot on Sydney. Sydney is a big city but one that is not populated. I love the way my soul seems to be able to breathe even when I am actually in a city. And Australians have the habit of smiling and greeting hello even when obviously a person is a foreigner.

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