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When did you realize that you no longer had an office chair? Around eight years ago, when Dylan joined our family. The chair, when we got it originally was in the living room of our first Maryland House. When we moved to our new house, we decided to move the chair to the office in the basement. In our first Maryland house, I had a corner of the basement (we filled the room in the basement with pictures we never unpacked. We leased the first house in Maryland to see where we wanted to end up. We ended up buying the second house and moving into that one around two years after moving to Maryland. Anyway, the day that chair appeared in my office, it was lost.

I am lost to Labs. Although, fun thing, the Lab being printed in the middle picture has never stolen my chair. The other two have taken the chair. In the morning, they often race down to be the first in the chair. It is kind of funny but, only from the big picture perspective, that the dogs love that chair. I know partially they like the chair because it is in my office. They like it partly because it smells like me. But honestly, in terms of where it is in the office, it isn’t optimally located for guard dogs to operate. It is away from the door in a quiet corner of the house. My gut is during storms. They do like that corner of my office as it is softer than the rest of the basement.

Funny how sometimes when you find a picture, it takes you on a journey. Or they take you on a trip, a wander between the bytes a wander in the pixels. Each image has a split instant of time captured. Some, like these three, were shot with intent. The first and third pictures intended to reveal how lazy labs are. Or that my chair was lost. The middle picture was part of a series of photos I took of 3d printing objects. As we wander the pictures, we find different moments and different images. But all pictures have one bit of uniformity in that they exist. They are a focused instant, a sliver of light. We will end today with that, though, the sliver of time presented like a picture.

This work is Copyright DocAndersen. Any resemblance to people real or fictional in this piece is accidental (unless explicitly mentioned by name.)


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