Wander project (still Disney)

One of the things I did while we were at Disney took a lot of pictures. So many pictures actually and so many moments. I think I went a little overboard. That said, there are vacations that followed Disney World overall, that have many more pictures. We took around 500 pictures while on our Disney expedition (we also did the Disney Cruise). There are a few vacations (Mexico a year later we had nearly 1000 pictures, Hawaii five years later we had over 5000 pictures and Europe in 2016 we had over 6000 pictures).

Disney World was the beginning of the all-digital vacations. For many years (1998 to 2002) there were digital and film images taken. Before 1998 we had a few hundred (500 or so) digital pictures, but those were lost when the machine I had them on was well, destroyed. The sad part of those early lost pictures is the reality of my new backup system for pictures. I lost some unique pictures that are gone forever.

The 4th day at Disney World was our last day officially in the parks. We transitioned the next day to a new experience, so the 4th day was the wander EPCOT and finish the rides in the parks that we did not get to earlier. I would like to say I found my second wind, or my 3rd wind at that point, on the 4th day, but I didn’t. I was tired until we got back to Ohio and I could escape working. The 9 hours of work and driving were easier than the 12-14 hours at Disney World!


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