Wander project spring in Indiana…

Mom and dad had a lot of interesting things to photograph at the house on Kinser Pike. The first interesting thing for me is the evolution of their backyard over the years. When mom and dad bought the house to when mom sold it 20 or so years later, it evolved. I don’t recall a house my parents bought that they didn’t modify. I was infected by the same bug, every house my wife and I have bought we have modified.

The evolution of Kinser Pike was the deck, the backyard, and then the garage. The garage was modified to become my dad’s office and a new garage added to the house. There was also another outbuilding that was used by dad for storage and the lawn mower. He sold his tractor with the farm when they moved back to town in the 1990’s. The cornfield that was right next to their house belonged to a gentleman that had a surry.

A surry is a horse-drawn carriage, and he would ride it on the track he had in the cornfield from time to time. Always fun to watch. When the old garage was converted into dad’s new home office (because frankly he had so many books and they weighed more than the floor of the house could take), they added windows on both sides. Windows and a door on the side facing the back of the house and windows looking out over the neighbor’s corn field. There were always things to photograph and find changed at mom and dad’s old house.


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