Wander project sneaking past my mother…in Hawaii…

While on our Hawaii family cruise, the family, other than my mother, decided to take a grandkid picture for my mother. It was to be her Christmas present that year. My mother is a very astute observer of human nature, so sneaking all her grandchildren passed her was not easy. We were almost in the clear, my wife was waiting in line for the pictures, and the grandkids were off in another part of the ship. My mother walked by my wife who with her quick thinking managed to blurt out, when my mother asked her “why are you waiting in the picture line?” that she, my wife again brilliant person that she is said “I was thinking of getting a formal picture for work.” My mother smiled and moved on!

The pictures, there is a few shared today, I have much more stored in my offline archive were fun. We tried some poses and groupings. The whole thing, pictures of all the grandkids took far longer than I would have projected at the time. I think, there were four different scenes. I was told, by the photographer to stop taking pictures with my phone after the third scene, so I only have the first three scenes. I guess that is one of those; we are professionals taking pictures please don’t take the posed pictures. Cuts down I suspect on people buying the pictures.

We were going to buy them anyway, plus the contortions of the kids getting into a position were frankly hilarious!

We actually recreated the picture later on for my mother, with her children only in the picture (and spouses). That was also fun but a little less crazy than the kids’ pictures!

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