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Wander project snacking on cheese!

My wife was finishing up her Master’s Degree, and my family was having a reunion (for ½ the family) in Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin. So I took the kids, my daughter had just gotten her driver’s license so she drove part of 9 hours from Indianapolis Indiana to Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin. The pictures are from that event. The kids loved the Olympus camera. First, because they could take it into the water, and it took pictures above and below the water. There were also some settings on the camera that we played on this trip. The first picture is actually of my father, but it is in line with the art form. That came directly from the camera, and no editing was done to the image.

The second picture is a panorama of the entire family. That one turned out well. We played with panoramas. The one shared is easily the best, but there are a couple of others that are also not bad. The event was two-part, the first part was all of us enjoying the Dells. I first went to the Dells before I could remember, but I have pictures of the Dells from before, and after I was born. Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin was where my father was born. The town was very small when I was little, but it has grown tremendously since the last time I had been. I went with my mother’s parents in 1981 or 1982 when I was up in Cambridge. My grandparents took me to see where my father’s father was buried.

Now, the last pictures are of a cow in front of a cheese store. On the way home from the Dells, the last thing the kids wanted to do was to visit a cheese store. Every time we took the kids to Wisconsin we always stopped at a cheese store. This particular store had a giant cow in front of the store. We went in, to the cheese shop and my daughter, the twins, and I picked cheese to take home.  It was an amazing store, and we ended up getting a lot of things we probably didn’t need. Some of the cheese didn’t even make it out of Wisconsin. More of the cheese didn’t make it out of Illinois. We did take some especially for my wife, who wasn’t with us for the trip. Less cheese arrived in Indiana than was purchased in Wisconsin by a lot.

my dad in art picture form!

panorama of the family gathering

ok I can't help it, 

could you imagine having to milk a cow that size?

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