Wander project the shores of Lake Michigan

Over the years we made many family treks to Chicago. The why of this particular trek isn’t important. Standing on the beach on the south side, with the boys is what is important. Lake Michigan is stretching away from us like a great dragon. So noted, so-called so denoted as a dragon because when awake Lake Michigan can be a fierce beast. A might creature with a huge tail that in lashing out can destroy any vessel that dares to challenge the beast.

Or, she can be a quiet, silent partner as you wander along her shore. On this day the dragon slept. We were not assaulted by the mythical creature that lives beneath the water, or is it above the water? We wandered along the beach mostly to keep the boys busy. Other’s were involved in other projects, other things. So my job was to keep the boys occupied and not grouchy. The beach to me along Lake Michigan seemed like the perfect location for a happiness building exercise.

We ended up on one of the public beaches on the south side. Not the mythical gold coast of Chicago that lies in a realm I am more familiar with, the north side. The land of the Cubs. We now were in the land of the White Sox and near the land of the Bears. I grew up Cubs fan. Certainly when the Cubs were eliminated in June, and the White Sox had great teams in the 2000’s I rooted for the White Sox, after all a Chicago team winning was better any day than a team from St. Louis Winning. I was not uncomfortable nor spewing nasty comments about the White Sox as we walked around that day. Instead, I was enjoying the sun, the sand and the quiet.

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