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wander project security and going underwater!

A person that has read my blog for a long time asked me why I had stopped using the names of the people in my life in the blog. I pointed out the simple security of not mentioning anything that could be construed as PII. That includes your birthday, the day you were married, the day your parents passed away, or for that matter, the names of people around you. (many years ago we did a security check at a customers site because the customer said our group wasn’t following the security rules of the company).

We found that ½ the people had their passwords written down on a post-it note and then stuck under their keyboard. The other half, well of that group, several had their password written down and stuck on the family picture in the cube. Not a single member of our team had their password written down or stuck on anything. That is one of the reasons why I do not share names anymore. It can be used as PII, and based on that; I have no interest in adding the stress for my family and friends.

That said, today, looking at the pictures of Hawaii, I am reminded of something else. I thought I would end with the why do we have an underwater camera. We have one because, as you can see in one of the pictures, my daughter loves to take photos underwater. I have had an Olympus TG camera for many years because of that. It can be used in up to 30 feet of water. It can be dropped, and it won’t break. It is not the best point and shoot camera made, but it is the toughest. I love that camera! Anyway, enjoy the images of Hawaii!


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on the bottom of the pool

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