Wander project second cruise, second post Apple, Ocean!

We landed at Miami Airport and headed off to the hotel (Marriott, it was a habit even back then) to wait until the next day when we could board the ship. With two young boys, we always gave ourselves enough time to arrive, and we were still always late. It didn’t matter what time we tried for; we never got there. We figured based on that arriving a day before the cruise was probably the best possible option. That way even mother nature couldn’t make us miss our cruise!

This cruise is famous for two stories the first of which is the Apple Story. We have many family stories, I have shared many of them. The two stories from this trip are ones I haven’t shared. The first story is the Apple Story. The second I will share in my next post. The ship boarded around 11 am that day. We had a nice breakfast in the lounge of the hotel and headed over. By the time we got on board the boys were hungry.  Knowing that we would be eating lunch after getting settled in the room we got the boys an apple each.

Back then Nick loved apple’s so much he ate them down to only seeds left. This time he and I were in the patio area of our cabin. It was a small contained patio, and we were standing there. I threw the tiny remaining core of Nick’s Apple into the water below. Nick ran inside and told my wife “daddy apple ocean.” For the next three years anytime Nick saw a body of water of any size he would announce “Apple, Ocean.” We tease him about that to this day!


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