Wander project Seattle….

Over the years I wandered Seattle I got to see some fun events. A few baseball games, a couple of Seahawks games and a couple of Soccer games. I normally root for Chicago teams but when the tickets are free, who am I to say no! One time I got to sit in one of the luxury boxes. That was the best game I’ve ever watched. It is like watching the Indianapolis 500 from the luxury box. Lot’s of waiters, lots of good food and a comfortable place to sit.

I did discover that the restaurant on top the space needle (at least at that time) was average at best. It may have gotten better, I went once 12 years ago and never went back. The Jimi Hendrix experience was visited many more times than the restaurant at the space needle. Not that you can compare the two. Just that the restaurant on top the space needle was expensive and frankly was not that good. There are better rotating on top of something tall restaurants to go to in the world!

One thing I do miss is all my friends in Seattle. I learned a lot about the world from the people I worked with over the years. I learned about loyalty and I learned about disloyalty. I learned that some people are just not worth the time. I also learned that some people are. Funny how it takes you years to learn that very simple lesson in life. Trust people that should be trusted and follow the rules of the as-if principal for the rest (push them away)!


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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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