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I am not going to, today, wax poetic about my times in Seattle. One time I went, because I had stayed so many nights in Marriott hotels I got upgraded to a suite  The hotel was a Marriott Courtyard located on the shore of Lake Union. Well not actually on the shore, it was back a block from the lake. The suite had the most massive patio area that I enjoyed using. I relaxed outdoors on that patio several evenings.

That is because the Lake Union is where many of the seaplanes dock. Do seaplanes dock or are they simply there? Anyways that was where you could watch the seaplanes take off and land. The patio of the suite overlooked the lake, so in the evening as the sun was setting I could watch the planes take off and land. Normally I would have stayed on the other side of the Lake, actually in Redmond not in Seattle but there was a recruiting event that week, and the hotels were booked, so I was a Seattle side of the equation resident for that week.

It was also right by my favorite restaurant in Seattle. Ah Daniel’s Broiler, I know of three locations. One in Bellevue, one across the lake from Bellevue and one in the Lake Union. Most of the times I went to Daniel’s Broiler over the years was in Bellevue WA. This time a bunch of us met and enjoyed the view of the pleasure craft and seaplanes on the Lake Union. I loved being out in Seattle; I have a lot of friends who live there. I think, not having been since 2013 this is the longest time I hadn’t been in Seattle since back in 1997!

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