Wander project the river bank, Chestertown Maryland

River water isn’t clean, often if ever. One of the reasons for heading to Chestertown was thinking about the future when it would be time to retire. But honestly, that river near the city is a little too muddy. The Bay is bad; the Charles River is worse. We did enjoy walking along the shore, however. They have some fun sculptures on the waterfront. Plus there is an excursion sailboat that looked like a lot of fun.

By car, this was a two-hour trip. By boat closer to a four-hour trip. You don’t get to go as fast via boat as you do by car. Plus, once you get into the river area, you have to slow down. We did get to try a highly rated restaurant, the Lemon Grass Café. That was a lot of fun. I did a Yelp review of the experience. My doing Yelp reviews isn’t new, I’ve done a lot of them in the past four years. 130 or so to be somewhat exact.

It isn’t a bad drive, but in the end, I suspect we will not end up in Chestertown when we retire. It is still a few years out (figure 12 or so). 12 years isn’t long, so you have to at least start the planning process. Warm and water are the two primary goals. Someplace we can enjoy warmer weather and boat more often. Although in fairness it won’t be Florida. Perhaps South Carolina or North Carolina for the final restful years!


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Written by DocAndersen

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