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Wander project remembering the first words…

This is my third and hopefully last weekend having to work. We shall see, the goal is in sight, but we have to finish it now!

I read a bunch of articles on the site today and found a lot of cool things. So my wander today is a wander of moments. I remember the moment my daughter and the twins first appears on this planet. I was there. I cut the umbilical cord of two of the three (the second twin was breech, so the doctor moved him and cut the wire). But I was there for the arrival of all three into the world. I was there when Fran joined our family. I was not there was Gwen joined our family. My wife and daughters picked her. That was the last time the three of them pulled a dog. I was there when the dogs we have now joined our family as well. It has been a journey.

Today is our date night. We do that once a week. Take time for the two of us, to be the two of us. Our plans and dreams now are different, though. The comments that we consider essential are different. That is the reality of being a parent in the end. Things change for you over time. There are so many highlights that parents have to hold: the first step, the first word. Ok, now that I think about it, the first step meant that suddenly you had to childproof a whole lot more of your house and the stairs. I remember our daughter sitting gat the bottom of the stairs trying to get her walked up the stairs. Luckily there was a gate she couldn’t move, or Dangerous Dan would have been up the stairs.

Whenever our daughter did anything risky, we called her Daneroous Dan (Danergous Dan has a plan). The first word was interesting, but the next 20,000 words followed the first word. Then the kids turned 2, and the only name they used was no. Do you want to, no? Did you do this, no, Its bedtime, no? Those are memories. My daughter’s first words were terrible data. I would like to say that it was simply sounds put together, but it wasn’t. She looked at me and repeated it. My wife, to this day, revels in the fact that her first words were bad data.

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